PSD and AI/EPS files

As of the end of may (2019) we will be supporting a set of new filetypes including PSD and AI. This makes it possible for our users to even upload their working files such as marketingtemplates. In the instance of vector files, users will be able to download at a max of 20.000px on each side.

What to expect

The new filetypes which Gaia will support are the following:

  • PSD
  • PSB
  • AI (can be downloaded at max 20.000px on each side)
  • EPS (can be downloaded at max 20.000px on each side)

For the Photoshop fileformats there will be an alternative upload limit which is 2048MB. After making thumbnails in different sizes (like we do for every fileformat) we store the PSD. When downloading/sharing you will not have the option to watermark the original photoshop file but you do have that option which alternative filetypes such as JPG and PNG. The file can be upscaled to a maximum of the original Photoshop file.

In case of the vector file formats (AI and EPS) users will have almost the exact same functionality but are limited to 256MB upload size. The vector however can be upscaled up to 20.000px on each side making it easy to share raw files without the source at any size.

Launch details

This update is initiated as it was requested by our users, thank you for your ongoing support to make Gaia better every single day. We will be launching these new features at the end of May 2019. If you are interested in testing new features, please contact us and we’ll add you to our bèta testing group.


Current phase: In development | Release date: Q3 2019

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