How to: Request Media

With Gaia you can send a media request which simply means you can send a link where people can upload their media to. In this tutorial we’ll show you how!

1. Go to your Gaia workspace

Login with your credentials or create a new, completely free, account!

2. Click on folders in the left menu

We want to point out a folder where the new media is is uploaded to!

3. Create a folder where you want the new media to uploaded to

If you already have a folder where you want people to upload media to, go to step 5.

4. Name your folder

In this case we are going to call our new folder: Outdoor.

5. Click on the three dots of the (newly created) folder where the requested media should be archived

You see a couple of options one of which is called: Upload request to [Folder name] (Outdoor in our case)


6. Click on Upload request and a new windows should pop up

This is where we can define the title and availibility. We can also directly invite people by e-mail.

7. Give your request a title and set the expiration time

In our case we are going to call it: Outdoor Friends Weekend 2019 and since everybody will upload their photos within a couple of days I set the availability to expire within one week.

8. Hit share and a link directly shows which you can share

In this case we chose for a link instead of an e-mail and after clicking ‘Share’ we can directly copy our request link to our copyboard and we can start sharing the URL

9. People can now upload their media directly to your folder with the URL you provided!