Embedding videos

In the near future Gaia will support embedding your videos in your own website or other applications.

What to expect

Gaia will offer the feature to embed (and modify) the video player, including your videos, on your website, application etc. As a user of Gaia you can expect to following features:

  • Embed button within the share modal
  • Your video will be embeddable through a generated iframe code
  • Customisations:
    • Player color (use your own identity)
    • Player options (fullscreen, quality, autostart, starttime)
    • Width and/or height
  • More features will be announced soon…
Launch details

This update is initiated as it was requested by our users, thank you for your ongoing support to make Gaia better every single day. We will be launching these new features in the summer of 2019. If you are interested in testing new features, please contact us and we’ll add you to our b√®ta testing group.


Current phase: Waiting for development | Release date: Q3 2019

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